Impressions Interforst Munich 2022

The Interforst trade fair took place in Munich from July 17 – 20, 2022. This year’s highlight: the HY-2 used carriage:

Hello! My name is the HY-2 carriage and I was born in Switzerland from the Wyssen Seilbahnen. I am working for over 10 years and have worked around 150 days a year. I transported an average of 35 cubic meters of wood per day, which amounts to 5,250 cubic meters per year and a total of 52,500 cubic meters in 10 years. At an average price of EUR 42.00, this results in income of more than EUR 2.2 million.
After the fair I'll go to rehab and then I'll be fit again for another 10 years...

As not everything on this trolley was shiny for once, it attracted a lot of attention and became a crowd puller.
Despite the high temperatures, we welcomed many visitors to our stand and thank you very much for every visit!

About the Interforst itself:
Every four years, INTERFORST, one of the leading international trade fairs for forestry and forestry technology, showcases the entire logistics chain from afforestation and timber harvesting to the sawmill. Another focus is the use of wood as an energy source. A comprehensive supporting program with a congress as well as various forums and special shows brings together science, politics and practice. A total of 353 exhibitors from 21 countries and around 31,000 visitors from almost 60 countries took part in this leading international trade fair for forestry and forestry technology.
The next Interforst will take place in July 2026 at the exhibition center in Munich.