Single-line Cableways to your farm

Particularly suitable for transporting materials
to remote huts

Transport solution to your farm

Set up and function

It is particularly suitable for material transportation to remote farms, alpine huts, clubhouses, holiday homes, construction sites, avalanche guards, forest planting, exploratory sites, guard posts, orchards, vineyards and other similar objects. Very easy to operate! For uphill or downhill trips, just start the engine and engage the gear. The carriage drives to the opposite station on its own, stops automatically at the adjustable buffer stop on the cable, turns off the engine and activates the brake. Passenger transport is strictly forbidden. Any number supports can also be passed over with the single-line cableway. In addition, the installation can be run over constantly changing terrain, i.e. uphill and downhill. The single-line cableway is independent of gravitation, unlike conventional winch cableways. By directly tensioning of the skyline with a come-along clamp, the single-line cableway can be installed very quickly and easily. The MES 500HY/2 is the Wyssen’s transport solution for plantations. The carriage travels over intermediate supports, support saddles for curves with an angle of up to 9° and hold-down saddles (for intermediate stations). In addition to the standard loading deck, the MES 500 (see illustration) is also available with a bridge that automatically unloads when it runs into the buffer stop. The switching on the chassis can be set so that when it runs into the buffer stop, the return run is automatically started and only stops at the starting buffer stop.

Wyssen Single-line Cableway:

Advantages MES 200 / 400

Advantages MES 500 HY/2

Technical data

Specifications MES 200 MES 400 MES 500 HY/2
Load capacity 200 kg 400 kg 500 kg
Unladen weight approx. 263 kg 575 kg 455 kg
Main cable ø 11 mm 6×19 ø 16 mm 6×31 ø 20 mm
Driving speed 0.7 m/s
Petrol motor 9.5 kW/13 hp
3’600 U/min
13 kW/18 hp
3’600 U/min
9.5 kW/13 hp
3’600 U/min
max. slope 100% only horizontal
Loading deck demensions l x b x h 135 x 75 x 75 cm 200 x 86 x 100 cm 200 x 86 x 100 cm

Circulation Cableways for higher requirements