Cable Winch W-10

Lightweight, Mobile and Safe

The Cable Winch for installations and small cableways

Cable Winch W-10

Brake systems

Holding brake:
Driving brake optional:

Power transmission


Set up and function

The Wyssen cable winch has been tried and tested for over 90 years and is characterised by its mobility, excellent quality, high performance, safety and long operating life. Thanks to its lightweight design, the W-10 cable winch can be used in many applications in the wood and forest industries as well as in the construction industry. It is principally used as a drive engine for small cableways, but also as a hoisting device for skylines and as a drive unit for inclined lifts. The W-10 cable winch does valuable work with a grooved pulley or capstan ring fitted, either as a circular drive wheel for a material cableway or as a cable crane. The sled runners give it all-terrain mobility, so that it is also ideally suited as a mounting winch. The roller fairlead at the front serves a steering mechanism in terrain and the mountain stabilisers at the rear prevent the cable winch sliding backwards. The large drum diameter ensures a very long service life of the mainline. With just one control lever the speed, tractive force and direction of rotation of the cable drum can be adjusted to the particular conditions. Loads can thus be drawn, lifted, transported up the mountainside and lowered. Transport downhill is usually carried out with the air brake (optionally available). This high performance brake, without any wear, permits a rapid descent with heavy loads. The W-10 cable winch is modular in construction, as are all Wyssen cable winches, so that it can be adapted to the individual requirements of each customer. The Wyssen cable spool drive or other hydraulic devices can also be connected to the W-10 cable winch.

Technical data

W-10 Tractive Forces
and Speeds
Empty Medium Full
Type Hydr. Motor max. max. max.
80 ccm fast 1.26 m/s
900 kg
1.60 m/s
700 kg
1.94 m/s
580 kg
100 ccm medium 1.01 m/s
1’100 kg
1.28 m/s
886 kg
1.56 m/s
727 kg
160 ccm strong 0.63 m/s
1’800 kg
0.80 m/s
1’417 kg
0.97 m/s
1’169 kg
Main Dimensions W-10 Cable Winch Standard Model Wide Model
Length 1'700 mm 1’700 mm
Width 750 mm 1’100 mm
Height petrol 820 mm 820 mm
Height electric 700 mm 700 mm
Drum-ø 220 mm 220 mm
Drum width 500 mm 850 mm
Total Weight 345 kg 430 kg
Cable Drum Capacity Standard Model Wide Model
Cable-ø 5.0 mm 1’130 m 1’920 m
Cable-ø 6.0 mm 730 m 1’250 m
Cable-ø 7.0 mm 580 m 980 m
Cable-ø 8.0 mm 400 m 680 m
Cable-ø 9.0 mm 310 m 530 m
Cable-ø 10.0 mm 280 m 480 m

Cable Winch W-10 Cable Crane

The W-10 cable winch is also available in the cable crane version. This is fitted with a traction drive and a hoist drum.

Technical Data - Cable crane design

Tractive Forces and Speeds of Traction Driveb
Type Hydr. Motor
Max. Max.
80 ccm fast 2.06 m/s 607 kg
100 ccm medium 1.63 m/s 761 kg
160 ccm strong 1.02 m/s 1’224 kg

The speeds of the electric motor are approx. 20 % lower than those of the petrol motor.

Main Dimensions W-10 Cable Crane Winch Measures
Length 1'700 mm
Width 750 mm
Height (petrol/electric) 820 / 700 mm
Drum-ø 220 mm
Drum width 409 mm
Total Weight 400 kg
Cable Drum Capacity Measures
Cable-ø 5.0 mm 925 m
Cable-ø 6.0 mm 600 m
Cable-ø 7.0 mm 475 m
Cable-ø 8.0 mm 325 m
Cable-ø 9.0 mm 255 m
Cable-ø 10.0 mm 230 m

Tractive forces and speeds of the cable winch are identical to those to the W-10 standard.

The cable winch W-10 is also available as a crawler cable winch: