More lifting force, more cable storage capacity, more performance

The Wyssen motorised skyline crane models are equipped with one or two cable winches with increased capacity and lifting force. The remote radio control can be extended from two to a maximum of 10 transmitters. The hydrostatic drive is powered by a diesel engine. The cable drum is locked at standstill using a spring-loaded hydraulic brake and additionally protected with a positive locking mechanism for the MKS 2 and a band brake in the MSK2DT. The hoist-drums are each fitted with a hydraulically-driven spooling pulley, whereby the lifting cable is always wound in under tension without danger of rupturing. The minimum and maximum filling level of the drum is monitored with limit switches. The carriage is equipped with cable derailment guards. The upper end position is controlled by a hoist limit switch and a counter with entry slowdown. The carriage travels over the Wyssen 5 ton skyline cable support and curve saddles. For practical purposes, the operation of simple maintenance (filling of diesel, oil check, access to display and control system) is accessible from one side. The cover to the motor housing is made out of chequer plate, so that service work can be carried out on it safely and easily. For extremely heavy or very long transport the motorised skyline crane can also be operated with a trailer carriage. Depending on the steepness of the cableway, the whole motor housing can be set at the corresponding angle.


The hoist-drums on the MSK 2 DT can be operated either synchronously or independently, so that lowering of loads such as pressure pipes can be aligned with the slope of the terrain. Furthermore for example, skips containing large pieces of rock can also be tipped and thus quickly emptied.

Technical data

Lifting force

direct up 4 t 2 x 4 t
2-fold up 8 t 2 x 8 t
(max. 12 t)
4-fold with trailer up 16 t
Lifting speed when:
Drum full 2.2m/s 2.2 m/s
Drum empty 1.5m/s 1.5 m/s

Cable drum capacity

Cable-ø 11.0 mm 240 m 2 x 240 m
Cable-ø 12.0 mm 200 m 2 x 200 m
Cable-ø 13.0 mm 160 m 2 x 160 m
Cable-ø 14.0 mm 150 m 2 x 190 m
Cable-ø 15.0 mm 125 m 2 x 125 m
Cable-ø 15.0 mm 115 m 2 x 115 m

Main dimensions

Length 2’935 mm 3’585 mm
Width 673 mm 950 mm
Height  depending on carriage  depending on carriage
Drum ø 470 m 470 m
Total weight approx. 1’200 kg* approx. 1’900 kg*
* depending on carriage


Motor type Deutz 4 Zyl Deutz 4 Zyl
Power 74 PS / 54 kW  122 PS / 90 kW
Hydraulic Rexroth Pocking Rexroth Pocking


  • If there is no oil pressure in the motor, it automatically switches off
  • If the motorised skyline crane is not used over a period of 5 minutes, the motor automatically switches off
  • The lifting force can be directly set as requested on the radio transmitter, so that there is no possibility of overloading. (The cable winch stops automatically in case of overloading).
  • Absenken bei Überlast ist immer möglich.
  • Es besteht die Möglichkeit Lastmessbolzen zu montieren, um genaue Gewichtmessungen der Last zu machen.
  • On request the lifting force can also be limited using load measuring pins.
  • IThe electronic counter automatically reduces the speed when lifting and a beep sounds at the final 2m, whereupon the system can be stopped with the control system or it stops automatically when the hook touches the hook switch.
  • On request the lifting force can also be limited using load bolts.
  • The motorised skyline crane is also valuable without a carriage
  • The carriage is also available for 2 skylines (dual track)
  • The sloping position to the horizontal of the lifting beam on the MSK 2 DT as well as the load distribution are monitored and limited. In this way, lifting of incorrectly attached loads is avoided.

Radio transmitter

There is a display with 4×11 characters on the radio transmitter. All machine parameters can be set with this control. All conditions and error messages are displayed.


  • Machine status
  • Hydraulic pressure
  • Motor speed
  • Operating hours
  • Lifting height in m
  • Error messages
  • Battery voltage
  • Diesel reserveR
  • Hydraulic-oil minimum
  • Load in t (only with load measuring pins)
  • Transmission strength/reception quality
  • Hook switch pressed (top)
  • Under-winding/over-winding – status
  • Hydraulic-oil overheating
  • Change air filter
  • Charge controller
  • Battery voltage


  • Oil pressure (maximum and minimum -> supply pressure)
  • Tractive force
  • Lifting speed
  • Speed per button
  • Drive-in speed
  • Length of the run-in zone
  • Cooler control temperatures
  • Hydraulic ramps
  • Motor speeds
  • Automatic motor switch-off time

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The wyssen control system fsi 2007 integrated in the motorised skyline crane was developed in-house.


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