Carriage Universal

The extremely robust and compact carriage with considerable spool-out length.

The carriage for 2- and 3- Cable operation.

Set up and function

The latest in-house development by the Wyssen company is the universal carriage, which can be utilised for 2 or 3-cable systems operating uphill, downhill or horizontally. The extremely robust and compact carriage is made out of high-strength steel, as are all Wyssen carriages. The large haul-back line drum enables a spool-out length of 136m for a haul-back line diameter of 11 mm. The carriage also has two cable breakage safety devices (mainline cable/haul-back cable) which immediately clamp and stops the carriage in case of a cable breakage. The cable safety brakes can also be deactivated depending on the type of operation. The carriage is available with the proven slack-pulling device pendulum or also without the pendulum. The carriage, as with all new Wyssen carriages, is controlled using the normal portable radio. All necessary parameters can be appropriately adapted as required using the in-house developed control system (identical with the slackpuller control system). For clamping, the carriage is stopped at or slowly driven to the desired position and the carriage can then be clamped to the skyline by pressing a button on the radio. The hook must first be raised slightly for safety reasons before the load can be lowered. The carriage also has a mainline clamp, so that it can be driven anywhere at will with a half-lowered load. If the hook has been completely retracted, the clamp on the skyline opens automatically. The carriage is equipped a large high-performance 12V battery with 50 Ah. The current battery status can be checked at any time on the carriage display. The storage drum can be refilled at any time during the lowering of the load. Coiling the storage drum is activated by an additional button on the radio. If there is too little cable on the storage drum or if it is being overfilled, the operator is made aware of this by a warning signal! The universal carriage is extremely well-suited for your mobile cable crane, whether in 2- or 3- cable operation.

Carriage Universal



The universal carriage is optionally available with pendulum.



Technical data

Specifications Carriage Universal Description
Load capacity 3'000 kg
Unladen weight 680 kg
Control system remote radio control or conventional with timer switch
Skyline-ø 20 – 36 mm
Mainline-ø 9 – 13 mm
Haul-back line-ø 8 – 13 mm
Lifting heights
Lifting height ø 8 mm 248 m
Lifting height ø 9 mm 204 m
Lifting height ø 10 mm 167 m
Lifting height ø 11 mm 136 m
Lifting height ø 12 mm 111 m
Lifting height ø 13 mm 89 m

Mechanical winding via radio signal

Wyssen Control System FSI 2007

The Wyssen Control System FSI is integrated in the Wyssen Carriage Universal. The control is also mounted in the following machines: Carriage Slackpuller, Motorised Skyline Crane, Cable Winch W-30, Cable Winch W-40 and in the Cable Winch W-90.