The solution for your transport problem

The Wyssen circulating cableway was specially designed for cableways where the MES 200 and the MES 400 were no longer sufficient. Larger load capacities and longer distances, also in changing terrain, can be handled with fewer supports.

Die Wyssen Umlaufseilbahn


  • Runs fully automatically like the single-line cableway
  • Sent from the loading or unloading station by pressing a button
  • It drives to the opposite station on its own
  • The carriage stops automatically at the opposite station
  • It can be switched over to manual operation at any time
  • Both electrical and petrol/diesel versions of the continuous drives are available
  • Several intermediate stations are possible
  • Curves are possible
  • Larger distances can be handled without supports
  • Higher load capacities are possible
  • Faster speed

For less claims, the single-line cableway


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