The motorised slackpuller is designed for long-distance cableways and mobile cableways.

The latest development is the extremely compact, remote controlled Wyssen slack-pulling carriage. The chassis of the carriage is made of high-tensile steel that is four times stronger than conventional steel. Thanks to the remote control, the operator in the forest can stop and secure the carriage at the exactly right location. The spooling procedure starts automatically (needs no radio-controlled command). The mainline clamp allows the slackpuller to be released while the load is raised or lowered, permitting movement to a new location and re-clamping to the cable. This facilitates the sideways pulling of the load and protects the remaining timber growth from damage.

As soon as the hook is drawn tight into the carriage, the skyline grip automatically releases. During travel of the unit, the hook is secured against rotation, preventing damage to the mainline. The slackpuller is also available with a pendulum (recommended for long-distance cableways). The pendulum can be retrofitted at any time. The carriage travels over the popular heavy-duty Wyssen support saddle. The mechanical mainline safety feature activates an emergency stop if the mainline is ruptured.


Compared to carriages with integrated lifting winch:

  • Lifting height is not limited since there is no drum
  • Higher lifting force due to direct hoisting from the mobile cable crane/cable winch
  • Faster lifting speed due to direct hoisting from the mobile cable crane/cable winch
  • Up to 50% lower weight
  • Environmentally friendly 10 HP diesel motor which is economical in consumption
  • No cutting of the mainline in the hoist-drum is possible
  • Shortening the mainline does not alter the lifting height
  • If the mainline ruptures, the clamping mechanism activates immediately
  • Thanks to the clamping device the carriage does not shift position when pulling a load
  • No change in lifting force (whether the drum is full or empty)
  • Diesel fuel tank goes for 3 days without refilling
  • Hook is protected against rotation
  • Angular to horizontal pulling is possible without any problem
  • No switching on or off is necessary in the morning or evening (automatic standby)
  • After clamping the slackpuller works fully automatically without any commands


Compared to conventional spooling out carriages:

  • Hook comes out on its own even for horizontal runways
  • Clamping/opening by radio signal, spooling procedure starts automatically
  • The pump is power-regulated and is always spooled at max. speed
  • Mainline is always under tension up to the mobile cable crane/ cable winch, so that the cable is always wound cleanly
  • Faster lifting of the load due to less slack in the cable

Technical data

Length 1’350 mm
Width 660 mm
Height 975 mm
Spooling force approx. 350 kg
Diesel motor Hatz approx. 7 kW / 10 PS
Skyline ø 16 – 36 mm
Mainline ø 9 – 13 mm
Unladen weight approx. 650 kg
Load capacity 3’000 kg

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The wyssen control system fsi 2007 integrated in the Wyssen carriage slackpuller was developed in-house Wyssen.


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