The perfect cable winch for construction work

Thanks to its lightweight design, the W-10 crawler cable winch can be used in many applications in the wood and forest industries as well as in the construction industry. The crawler cable winch is excellently suited for construction and as a hoisting device for a wide variety of applications. The hydrostatic drive unit allows the crawler cable winch to be very easily and safely operated. Its speed and agility in rough terrain is another feature of the winch, thanks to its hydraulic caterpillar drive.

The simple and light construction of the crawler cable winch permits it to be quickly and easily converted into a caterpillar tipper and for transporting diverse materials. The Wyssen cable spool drive or other hydraulic devices can also be connected to the W-10 crawler cable winch. The modular construction means that the crawler cable winch can be adapted to the individual requirements of each customer.


Holding brake:

  • Dead man’s brake integrated in the hydraulic motor
  • Dead man’s brake acting directly on the drum

Driving brake optional:

  • Air brake
  • Centrifugal brake

Power transmission

  • Hydraulic motor 80 ccm
  • Hydraulic motor 100 ccm
  • Hydraulic motor 160 ccm


  • Petrol 13 kW/18 HP, electric and manual start

Technical data

Tractive forces and speeds with Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 2 cyl. 18 HP

 Drum empty medium full
Type hydr. motor max. max. max.
80 ccm fast 1.26 m/s
900 kg
1.60 m/s
700 kg
1.94 m/s
580 kg
100 ccm medium 1.01 m/s
1’100 kg
1.28 m/s
886 kg
1.56 m/s
727 kg
160 ccm strong 0.63 m/s
1’800 kg
0.80 m/s
1’417 kg
0.97 m/s
1’169 kg

Main dimensions W-10 crawler cable winch

Length 1’975 mm
Width 975 mm
Drum-ø 220 mm
Drum width 500 mm
Total weight with winch 876 kg

Cable drum capacity

Cable-ø 5.0 mm 1’130 m
Cable-ø 6.0 mm 730 m
Cable-ø 7.0 mm 580 m
Cable-ø 8.0 mm 400 m
Cable-ø 9.0 mm 310 m
Cable-ø 10.0 mm 280 m

Caterpillar tipper


The W-10/RK900 crawler cable winch can be converted from a winch to a tipper in about 10 minutes.

Technical data

Dimensions of the caterpillar tipper

Load capacity 900 kg
Tipper contents 450 liter
Width total 980 mm
Total length, without seat 1’975 mm
Total length, with seat 2’270 mm
Total height 1’170 mm
Total weight with tipper-box 835 kg

Technical data

Turning circle turning on the spot
Drive Continuous fully hydrostatic
Driving speed Forward/reverse 0-5.2 km /h
Breaking system fully automatic electro-hydraulic
Hydraulic tank capacity 8 l
Cooling system Air-cooled
Battery 12 V, 30A


Brand Briggs + Stratton Vanguard
Fuel Petrol
Cylinders 2
Power 13 kW / 18 HP
Start electrical

The crawler cable winch is also available as a cable winch W-10


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