Material transport in difficult terrain

Wyssen cableway systems has been manufacturing high-quality components for material and forest cableways since 1926.

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Cable winch

Cable winches are used for driving cableways as a traction and braking machine, to transport the skyline crane carriage or the cableway carriage.


Carriages are moved on the main cable with the help of the traction cable through the cable winch. The load to be transported is principally attached to the carriage and transported along the cable line.


Motorised skyline cranes are equipped with a motor to drive the lifting cable, which is wound on a drum on the carriage. The standard model is transported with a cable winch. Motorised skyline cranes are used above all on building sites

Valentini mobile cable crane

The mobile cable crane manufacturer is a medium-sized workshop that since 1979 has specialised in the project planning and construction of mobile cable crane equipment for timber and material transport, and since 1987 has been represented by us.


Cableway accessories for installation, maintenance and operation of cableways such as e.g. cable winding devices, cableway masts, cable support saddles for masts, cable clamps, safety harnesses for climbing masts, pulleys etc.
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Alpine cableways

The Alpine cableways are suitable for material transportation to remote farms, alpine huts, holiday homes, forest planting.

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