The carriage for your mobile cable crane

Laufwagen HY-2
Laufwagen HY-2
Laufwagen HY-2
Laufwagen HY-2
Laufwagen HY-2
Laufwagen HY-2
Laufwagen HY-2
Laufwagen HY-2
Laufwagen HY-2

The Wyssen remote controlled HY-2 carriage is extremely compact. The patented system is fabricated from high strength steel, four times stronger than conventional steel. Thanks to the remote control, the operator in the forest can stop and secure the carriage at the exact right location. The mainline clamp allows the carriage to be released while the load is raised, permitting movement to a new location and re-clamping to the cable. This facilitates the sideways pulling of the load and protects the remaining timber growth from damage. As soon as the hook is drawn tight into the carriage, the skyline grip automatically releases, allowing travel of the unit.

As soon as the hook is drawn into the carriage, the hook is secured against rotation, preventing damage to the mainline. The carriage travels over the normal Wyssen support saddles. The cable safety brake activates an emergency stop if the mainline is ruptured. In the event that severe swinging motion causes the grip to clamp outside the skyline, the clamping process would be repeated until the carriage stops. An unintentional release by slackening of the mainline while passing a tower is prevented by the control system.


  • Extremely compact and robust
  • Remote control using a normal radio
  • Mainline clamp
  • Very rapid switching
  • Cable safety brake with automatic gripping
  • Control system monitors the driving speed
  • Large maintenance-free dry battery for weeks of operation without recharging
  • Pendulum can be retrofitted at any time


The HY-2 carriage is also available with a pendulum for long-distance cableways.

Laufwagen HY-2 mit Pendel

Technical data

Length 900 mm
Width 290 mm
Height 800 mm
Hydraulics 100 bar
Skyline 14 – 32 mm
Mainline 9 – 13 mm
Unladen weight approx. 385 kg
Load capacity 3’000 kg


The carriage for your small mobile cable crane

Laufwagen HY-2 U-2

The radio-controlled HY-2 universal carriage has been specially developed for small mobile cable crane installations. The 3-cable system has been additionally added to the standard HY-2 carriage, so that with the switch lever and the switching screw, the system can be quickly and easily switched over from 3-cables to 2-cables or vice-versa.

Technical data HY-2U

Length 1’400 mm
Width 410 mm
Height 820 mm
Hydraulics 100 bar
Skyline diameter 14 – 32 mm
Mainline diameter 9 – 13 mm
Haul-back line diamete 6 – 7 mm
Unladen weight approx. 486 kg
Load capacity 3’000 kg
Max. spooling force 200 kg
Max. lifting height 50 m

The wyssen control system fsi integrated in the Wyssen Carriage HY-2 was developed in-house.


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