Carriage system for construction sites

The carriage with trailer carriage and transport bars is mainly used in gravitational operation in the construction industry for lifting, transporting, lowering and moving of long and heavy parts such as e.g. pressure pipes and gas pipelines, or also for transporting concrete and gravel. The transport bars also prevents the load twisting and twisting of the mainline cable is also not possible even if the lowered load is left hanging for some time. The retracted load is locked in both the carriage and in the trailer carriage, so that the load is doubly protected against falling during the run.

The trailer carriages are used with our standard HY-4 and HY-7 carriages for maximum load capacities of 5 t for the HY-4 and 10 t for the HY-7. The carriages are also controlled using our radio-telephones. The system with carriages, trailer carriages and transport bars is recognised as being very reliable and the costs for service and maintenance compared to motor-driven skyline crane are very low.

Technical data

Carriage with trailer and transport bar

Length depending on carriage
Width 390 mm
Height depending on carriage
Hydraulic 100 bar
Skyline-ø up to a max 45 mm
Mainline-ø up to a max 20 mm
Unladen weight approx. 1’400 kg
Load capacity 10’000 kg


The transport bar is available in two different lengths, 2.5 m and 3.5 m.


  • The trailer carriage is directly controlled from the carriage
  • Increased safety through 2-fold hoisting when raising and lowering
  • Increased safety during the run though locked load on the carriage and trailer carriage when the hook is completely retracted
  • Higher load capacities – 5 tonnes for the trailer carriage with transport bar
  • Long and heavy loads can be transported, lifted and lowered horizontally
  • The lowering height is not limited by a hoist-drum in the carriage. (Depends on the mainline on the pulling winch)

HY-4 Mainline clamp with transport bar

The HY-4 carriage with transport bars can also be used with a mainline clamp. The mainline clamp in the pendulum allowed repeated movements for loads lowered at any height. It is operated with the portable radio equipment and can be used with trailer carriages with transport bars. The especially large mainline clamps in the load pendulum reduce wear on the mainline cable, which is also locked in the load pendulum when the load is completely retracted.

Length depending on carriage
Width 280 mm
Height depending on carriage
Hydraulic 100 bar
Main cable 16 – 36 mm
Traction cable 9 – 16 mm
Unladen weight approx. 710 kg
Load capacity 5’000 kg

The wyssen control system fsi 2007 integrated in the Wyssen carriage HY-4 / Hy-7 was developed in-house.


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