The cable winch for high load capacities

Seilwinde W-90
Seilwinde W-90 - Fernsteuerung
Seilwinde W-90
Seilwinde W-90
Seilwinde W-90

The W-90 cable winch is primarily used as a drive unit for cableways on building sites where high tractive forces are required. When fitted with a grooved pulley or a capstan ring, the cable winch can be used as a circular drive wheel for a material cableway. The grooved pulley or the capstan ring can be easily fitted or removed. The W-90 cable winch is fitted with a charge-air cooled 4 cylinder Deutz turbo-diesel motor with 129 kW or for higher performance, the 6 cylinder Deutz turbo-diesel motor with 194 kW, also charge-air cooled. The cable winch is ideally suitable for our MSK 2 and MSK 3 motorised skyline cranes and also for our carriages, with or without trailers, for heavy load capacities.

Due to the large cable drum the W-90 has a significantly larger cable capacity than the W-30 and the W-40. The W-90 cable winches are equipped with the same modern control system for automatic operation on the W-40/175. Furthermore the separate diesel connection on the cable winch allows it to be connected to an external diesel tank. The W-90 cable winch is also modular in construction, as are all Wyssen cable winches, so that it can be adapted to the individual requirements of each customer.


Holding brake:

  • Shoe brake mounted directly in the drum

Driving brake optional:

  • Air brake
  • Eddy-current brake
  • Dead man’s brake (hydraulic spring-loaded)


  • Hydrostatic drive, continuously adjustable


  • 4 cylinder turbo diesel 129 kW / 175 HP charge air cooled
  • 6 cylinder turbo diesel 194 kW / 263 HP charge air cooled
  • Electric motor


Options and accessiories

  • Wide sled runners
  • Electronic distance indicator
  • Splash protector
  • Protective cover
  • Luggage rack
  • Suspension gear
  • Unimat drive (circular drive with primary roller and swivelling deflecting rollers)
  • Circular drive wheel with Becorit lining or parabolic pulley
  • Free-wheel for air brake
  • Cable guide roller
  • Overfill safety device
  • Slack cable safety device
  • Remote control
  • Radio control with automatic guidance system
  • Operator cabin
  • Transport trailer
  • Oil-cooled gearbox and filtration
  • etc.

Technical data

Tractive forces and speeds W-90/175 + W-90/263

Drum empty Drum half-full Drum full
Gearbox model A 9.82 m/s
4’866 kg
12.77 m/s
3’953 kg
15.72 m/s
3’041 kg
Gearbox model B 8.64 m/s
5’526 kg
11.24 m/s
4’491 kg
13.83 m/s
3’454 kg
Gearbox model C 8.20 m/s
5’830 kg
10.65 m/s
4’736 kg
13.14 m/s
3’643 kg
Gearbox model D 7.22 m/s
6’622 kg
9.38 m/s
5’380 kg
11.54 m/s
4’139 kg
Gearbox model E 6.35 m/s
7’524 kg
8.26 m/s
6’113 kg
10.16 m/s
4’702 kg
Gearbox model F 6.02 m/s
7’935 kg
7.82 m/s
6’423 kg
9.63 m/s
4’910 kg
Gearbox model G* 5.30 m/s
9’015 kg
6.89 m/s
7’324 kg
8.48 m/s
5’633 kg


* Standard model

Cable drum capacity

W-90/175 W-90/263
Cable-ø 9.5 mm 3’830 m 3’830 m
Cable-ø 10.0 mm 3’320 m 3’320 m
Cable-ø 10.5 mm 3’200 m 3’200 m
Cable-ø 11.0 mm 2’830 m 2’830 m
Cable-ø 12.0 mm 2’560 m 2’560 m
Cable-ø 13.0 mm 2’050 m 2’050 m
Cable-ø 14.0 mm 1’730 m 1’730 m
Cable-ø 15.0 mm 1’680 m 1’680 m
Cable-ø 16.0 mm 1’390 m 1’390 m
Cable-ø 18.0 mm 1’110 m 1’110 m

Main dimensions W-90 cable winch

W-90/175 W-90/263
Length 3’450 mm 3’450 mm
Width 1’550 mm 1’550 mm
Height 1’360 mm 1’360 mm
Drum-ø 484 mm 484 mm
Drum width 1’152 mm 1’138 mm
Total weight 2’770 kg 2’900 kg

The State-of-the-art control system integrated in the Wyssen W-90 cable winch was developed in-house.


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